We have proclaimed 2017 to be OUR YEAR in our city.

Live Webcast

Every Sunday, we have a live broadcast of both services. So, don't panic if you can't make it or are too far away to be at church.

Monday Night Prayer

Monday nights at 7PM in Building B.

Tsunami is a gathering of young people from ages 12-18 united to build relationships with God.

Tsunami meets in Building B on Sunday mornings during service at 10 AM and also on Thursday nights at 7 PM.

We love people of all backgrounds, past experiences, and cultures.

Livingway's mission is not limited to church services.

It includes fellowship between families, friends, and acquaintances.

Livingway recognizes the need for a relationship with Christ.

Our goal is building that relationship.


Our aim is to become a birthing ground that cultivates potential and fulfills destiny.

We have service at 10AM and 6PM on Sundays as well as a 7PM Thursday service. We hope to see you there!

Three Chances to Worship, Will You Be There?



Sundays at 10AM & 6PM

Thursdays at 7PM

1617 E. McNeese St

Lake Charles, LA 70607